Hyundai Ioniq

10. Hyundai Ioniq
Of this ecological vehicle, which has hybrid and electric variants, 31 units have been sold so far this year. May was not his best month as only 5 units were sold.

Mercedes Benz GLC 300

09. Mercedes Benz GLC 300
This hybrid truck is one of the most recent releases on the market and 34 units have been sold so far. It also didn’t have a good month in sales in May as it wasn’t even in the top 10 best-selling hybrid vehicles.

Renault Twizy

08. Renault Twizy
First of three electric vehicles to be positioned on this list. So far, 38 units of this vehicle have been sold, which in May was the best-selling of its kind with 12 units.

Nissan Leaf 2020 10

07. Nissan Leaf
This electric vehicle was the fourth best-selling electric car in May with 8 units but thanks to the drag of the first months, in the annual accumulated it is located in this Top 10 with sales of 41 units.

BMW 330e

06. BMW 330e
This plug-in hybrid was the fourth best-selling hybrid vehicle in Colombia during May with 13 units and in the accumulated it reports 48 units sold.

Mercedes Benz GLE 450

05. Mercedes Benz GLE 450
Another hybrid truck of the German brand that enters this list thanks to the fact that May was good in sales since 19 units were sold and it was the third hybrid vehicle in Colombia. In the accumulated of the year until May it has 84 units and is tied with the best-selling electric car in the country.

01 BMW i3

04. BMW i3
It is the best-selling electric car in Colombia. Despite the fact that only 8 units were sold in May, and it was in third place for the month, in the year it accumulates 84 units.

Kia Niro se actualiza para el Salón de Ginebra 2019

03. Kia Niro
Truck with a pure hybrid system that consolidates in third place in sales for the year by accumulating 110 units until May. This month it did not go very well because only 7 units were sold and it was in seventh place among those of its kind.

Kia Sportage 48v

02. Kia Sportage de 48 voltios
This light hybrid in SUV format continues with a very good sales rhythm since in May it placed 28 units, taking second place as well. In the accumulated of the year it adds 261 units and, momentarily, loses the leadership in which it had established itself since the end of last year as the ecological car with the highest demand in the country.

Toyota Corolla

01. Toyota Corolla
This pure hybrid is the best-selling ecological car in Colombia so far this year. So far 364 units have been sold, half of them last month. Incredible rebound of this vehicle that removes, for now, the crown from the Kia SUV.

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